Haroon Sellars is the man who recorded the legendary CD sets of Hamza Yusuf that shaped Islam in America, and beyond. He has been a mentor and friend to Imran during his time at Zaytuna College. In this episode we find out a bit of his journey, and learn some pearls on how to make a vast and even troubling tradition our own.

A conversation with Azhar Usman, a.k.a. the most serious person in comedy. Azhar asked me to watch Ramy Youssef’s show ‘Ramy’ on Hulu, and it changed me forever. We unpack ‘Ramy’ and Aziz Ansari’s comedy special ‘Aziz Ansari Right Now’ and find ourselves wrestling with some deep dichotomies: Good Muslims/Bad Muslims; Artists/Awliya’; God’s Estate/Our States.

American Submitter returns after a three year hiatus with a conversation with Ubaydallah Evans, an old friend and recent commencement speaker. We talk about the things that have animated our friendship from the beginning, discussing what beauty is for, how wisdom encompasses all things, and what it’s been like for both of us as seekers of knowledge.