I. A. Malik Studio aims to give reality a voice Through Media/design


With a number of media projects and collaborations already underway, it was necessary to establish a formal umbrella to house the work that is being done. Similar to when a golfer “turns pro,” nothing actually changes too much in their routine, except the outward facing, offering up of one’s work to the public. There is no permanent studio, yet. One of the definitions of studio is '“a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc. works.” There’s always a room, like the one in my apartment in which I’m typing now. The work is defined, as in limited and forged by, the many rooms in which the work takes place.

The work of I. A. Malik Studio will at first be a series of media projects which have been a few years in development. Some are launching in the coming weeks, and others are slated for later in the year. There are also some other collaborations and more ambitious commercial and community projects that are in development which will fall under the studio. As we increase in resources and ability, we hope that the studio will grow to be a physical one—perhaps in Oakland, CA where I currently reside with my family, or in another place. With growth comes the ability to bring on other talent (create jobs, as the politician says), and hopefully cultivate a culture of creating work that is profound, metaphysically sound, and rooted in the ground of truth, sincerity, and trust that the human being at his best becomes the successor of God on earth.

May the last ten of your Ramadan be the best of them.

American Submitter

American Submitter